Local investing eases small business credit card debt

Editor’s Note:  This story is part of an ongoing series of essays written by the participants of Invest Local projects.  By presenting their stories in their own voices, we hope to build a better understanding of the importance of local investing through the lenses of the entrepreneurs, lenders, and supporters that make it possible.  

Karen Lawrence, owner of KLCreative Media, at the Staunton Earth Day celelbration.

Karen Lawrence, owner of KLCreative Media, at Staunton Earth Day.

By Karen Lawrence 

I don’t think my business start-up story is unusual.

I was under-financed and overly optimistic in my ability to turn a profit quickly. And even though I was aware that my personal situation coming out from under several years of upheavals, relocation to Virginia, and a new career direction was going to make financing a new business problematic, I took a leap of faith anyway. I felt I could beat the odds.

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