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As 2015 rolls to a start, we’re ready to start the year right with our first ever Invest Local Meet & Greet! 

A tradition that began in Port Townsend, Washington and which has spread to Portland, Oregon and Ithaca, New York (among many other cities) these “Local Investing Opportunities Networks” or LIONs groups as they are known around the country have one important goal in mind:  to build the social connections that make local investing possible.

The Securities and Exchange Commission governs closely the ways in which individuals or small businesses can approach potential investors for project funding. One of the greatest areas of flexibility, however, lies in case where individuals already know each other. Friends, families, loved ones, and colleagues can invest in each others’ businesses, home improvement projects, or personal loans without triggering the normal level of Securities and Exchange review. Thus, LIONs groups have often begun with the following question:  What if, in our local economy, those who have funds to invest and those who need funding for projects, were already friends?

Our first Invest Local Meet & Greet is a social affair — come for drinks, snacks, and new friends.  We will create space for investors, entrepreneurs, project makers and project supporters to get to know each other.  Following a very brief introduction to the idea of local investing, we’ll spotlight some example projects unfolding in the Valley, and allow those present to casually connect, ask questions, and exchange info.

If you’re considering attending or would like to invite a friend, you can RSVP or learn more here.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday the 15th at the Staunton Makerspace!

Invest Local Flyer

PS — Love the flier?   A big thanks to Kat Rutt Design for her quick turn around, beautiful graphics, and local support!

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